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Your Unique Path is Just Five Transformative Steps Away

Each of us possesses our own unique strengths, but most go unrecognized. By ignoring the potential within, you may be walking a path that feels tiresome, unduly difficult, and unfulfilling. The Gifted Journey is a five-step guide toward uncovering the gifts that set YOU apart and learning how to maximize them for a more fulfilled and more purposeful future.

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“This retreat was extremely helpful in figuring out why I like certain activities and how to focus on my strengths. As a young professional, it both explained and reinforced certain traits. I recommend this for everyone, regardless of where you are in your career or personal trajectory. I already discussed it with my mom, who went out and purchased the book.”

“At first, I was skeptical about attending, because I couldn’t imagine how a program like this could help someone of my age and in my phase of life. I’m married, retired with a child at home and caring for a parent. But, I found it very enjoyable. I realize that sometimes the things we tell ourselves really are not accurate. Asking others how they see us and dwelling on the positive really helps put everything in perspective. Thank you Stephanie and Brian”

“I had a blast in Stephanie’s class- I gained some really great insights that I plan on applying into my life, and I am excited to finally take some action on some things that I have been holding back on. This class motivated me! Thanks so much Stephanie and Brian!”

“If you want to find out about yourself and what your five strongest strengths are I highly recommend The Gifted Journey. I found it to be very eye opening and useful.”

“The best thing about this workshop is that it attracts people who are willing to make changes in their lives, and who want to own the process. You won’t hear any “woe is me” here, or any blame on circumstances. You will only hear “what can I do for myself?” and “how can I help you too?” The positive, constructive energy is uplifting in a way that reading a book can never be. Try it!”

“Being a life-long learner and periodically examining our lives at any age ensure we’re on a path of our choosing! This retreat seeks to help us do just that, and the camaraderie was awesome!”

“I would say these retreats are an inspiring chance to meet new people, to look within yourself and your direction in life, and to gather the tools to help change what you feel needs changing or not changing in your life. This retreat is good for your soul!”

“It was very insightful and should not be missed!”

Stephanie Moore


The Gifted Journey is based on over 25 years of personal experience in the Career Development field. As a strengths-based practitioner, my passion lies in helping people identify and live a life based on their talents and gifts.

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Psychologist Carl Jung said “The biggest challenge of mid-life is the question, ‘What is my story?’” Imagine being able to control that story early in life, rather than just looking in the rearview mirror and trying to piece it together later. Stephanie Moore has given us the tools to do just that. -Fredrick Gilbert Ph.D Let’er Rip Productions

Stephanie Moore’s, The Gifted Journey, serves as your personal archaeologist. As you proactively become a searcher of clues, a seeker of patterns, and a creator for your own fulfilled future, you find the path to your own career satisfaction. With assessments, tools, and exercises, your story unfolds in a magical way. – Mary McGlynn, President and VP Learning, Development and Research PowerSpeaking, Inc.

The Gifted Journey is an amazing contribution! As Stephanie shares from her own Gifted Journey, she will lead you to discover your own conscious competence at whatever time in your life you meet her invitation. When individuals truly work in their strengths zone, it feels just right to them and others like it too. – Jo Ann Miller, OSF Strengths Development Center, Milwaukee, WI

The “wow” moment in this book is when you recognize that each day is a gift waiting to be opened and discovered. I strongly subscribe to Stephanie’s thesis that our life journey should be used to uncover and emphasize our strengths— and to build upon these gifts for a more fulfilling and promising future. Executing this five-stage process will allow us to live the life that was always intended just for us. – Rick Fersch, Former president and CEO of Eddie Bauer and former Executive director of stewardship and development at the Archdiocese of Seattle

For someone seriously searching for either what’s next, or how to start, or what really are my strengths and passions, The Gifted Journey is a practical guide to learning how to be honest with yourself, gain confidence in yourself, let go of things that your heart is telling you is not really right for you, and make a plan to go forward. – Patti Fersch