The Gifted Journey Blog

Welcome to The Gifted Journey blog! Stephanie Moore’s book, The Gifted Journey, takes you by the hand and walks you into the great unknown of your own heart and soul to discover who you really are. The book is packed with exercises that personalize the process and help you explore ways to embrace what you learn. Ultimately, the goal is to clear the path for your natural gifts to guide your life.

As this blog evolves, we hope you will check in often to read and share feedback on:

  • Working through the book’s exercises. Maybe you can relate? Maybe your experience is different?

  • Attending The Gifted Journey retreats and other special events. Did you also attend? What was your favorite part? Click here to see upcoming scheduled events.

  • Trying out new ideas for uncovering your strengths. Self-discovery is a life-long process!

  • Sharing inspiration, motivation, and support from The Gifted Journey community as we all seek to do more of what we are meant to do.

Is there a blog topic you would like us to add? Send an email to [email protected] and let us know.