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The Gifted Journey Learning Series

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Every journey is unique and The Gifted Journey Learning Series is designed to give you an opportunity to discover YOUR unique path. Through 3 live virtual sessions, you will get the opportunity to discover who you really are and your ideal path forward as we take you through our 5-D process of Discover, Discern, Dream, Design and Do. This is not a “one size fits all” or a “let’s focus on what’s wrong with you”, instead this process takes a “strengths-based” approach on focusing on “what’s right with you” and uncovering your best self.

In addition to our three live and highly interactive virtual sessions there will also be pre-work and post-work in between each session. We will hold the live sessions one week apart to allow time to reflect and prepare for each session. If for some reason you can’t attend one of the live sessions, we will record and send you the recording to prepare for the upcoming session.

Please keep in mind this journey is both a process and a destination. To get the most out of this we encourage you to set aside the time to work through each of the steps.

We hope you join us. We would be honored to be a part of your journey!


Stephanie Moore


A few testimonials from our past sessions:


I loved that there was a balance between real work (in terms of going through the book’s exercises), discussion, and self care (walks on the grounds, meditation, angel whisper activity). I appreciated leaving the workshop feeling that I had really learned something about myself.

It gave me an opportunity to concentrate on me, what I need to do and what I need to focus on to feel successful in life and love.

Positivity! 🙂 Relationship building revolving around self-exploration, authenticity and utilizing personal strengths. The casual, laid back and intimate setting, sparking a desire to learn without unnecessary distractions.

This retreat was extremely helpful in figuring out why I like certain activities and how to focus on my strengths. As a young professional, it both explained and reinforced certain traits. I recommend this for everyone, regardless of where you are in your career or personal trajectory. I already discussed it with my mom, who went out and purchased the book.

At first, I was skeptical about attending, because I couldn’t imagine how a program like this could help someone of my age and in my phase of life. I’m married, retired with a child at home and caring for a parent. But, I found it very enjoyable. I realize that sometimes the things we tell ourselves really are not accurate. Asking others how they see us and dwelling on the positive really helps put everything in perspective. Thank you Stephanie and Brian

I had a blast in Stephanie’s class- I gained some really great insights that I plan on applying into my life, and I am excited to finally take some action on some things that I have been holding back on. This class motivated me! Thanks so much Stephanie and Brian!

The best thing about this workshop is that it attracts people who are willing to make changes in their lives, and who want to own the process. You won’t hear any “woe is me” here, or any blame on circumstances. You will only hear “what can I do for myself?” and “how can I help you too?” The positive, constructive energy is uplifting in a way that reading a book can never be. Try it!

I would say these retreats are an inspiring chance to meet new people, to look within yourself and your direction in life, and to gather the tools to help change what you feel needs changing or not changing in your life. This retreat is good for your soul!

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Course Outline


Prework for Session One: Values Assessment and CliftonStrengths Assessment


Live Session One: Discover

The focus of the Discover Step is to explore and learn more about who you are and how you are hard-wired. The objective of this first step is to take time to discover key components of what makes you…YOU! During Session One we will spend time reviewing your pre-work assessments and how they identify your core patterns of how you think, feel and behave as well as looking at your core beliefs and why they are important for life satisfaction and meaning.


Homework Assignment: Discern


The focus of the Discern Step is to REFLECT on where you have been. The objective of this time is to look in your personal review mirror to see the patterns of your life based on experiences, both good and bad, and to understand how your path has led you to where you are today. Taking a “strengths-based” approach, we will focus on areas of your life where you have felt great success and satisfaction.

You will be given a worksheet on “How do others see me?” that will be completed before Session Two


Live Session Two: Dream

The focus of the Dream Step is to take all that you’ve learned about yourself from Discover and Discern and look forward to the possibilities that can define your future. This is not an “action plan” but a chance to picture your “best self”. In this session, we will look at all the themes and patterns and create a “Personal Vision Statement”.


Homework: Design


The focus of the Design Step is to take everything you’ve gathered so far and assessable the pieces to create the beginning of an action plan to help and direct you on your path forward. This is where you will start to think about a tangible goal for yourself and look at practical activities that will move you forward.

You will be given an “Action Plan worksheet” to complete prior to Session Three


Live Session Three: Do

The focus of Do Step is ACTION. This is the commitment part of the process and moving you one step closer toward your goal. In this session we will review the draft of your action plan and review logical next steps in your process. We will give you tips and strategies to keep your action plan relevant and actionable.

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